How to Play Electronic Bingo

1. Open your account

  • See cashier to arrange a credit slip.
  • Enter your own two to four numerical PIN to activate your credit slip.
  • Do not share your PIN.
  • You will be given a credit slip with a random five digit number on the bottom. Do not lose this as you will need this to log on to the electronic bingo terminal.

2. Signing onto a Terminal

  • Enter your 5-digit number followed by your PIN.
  • Select the ‘Menu’ button to get to the main menu screen.

3. Playing Bingo

  • Purchase drop-in cards or a package once you are logged in and before the caller starts the game.
  • Note: Players cannot purchase cards once a game begins.
  • Begin dabbing the cards once the game starts.
  • The numbers called will appear highlighted in yellow on the screen.
  • Begin to dab the cards on the touch screen or touch the Easy Daub button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • The Easy Dab button will change to the ‘Best Card’ button during play. This will always show the best card the player has during game play in case players are playing more cards than fit on one screen
  • IN ORDER TO REGISTER A BINGO, YOU MUST DAB YOUR CARDS. You can do this either by touching the screen or using the Easy Dab function.
  • A blue ‘Bingo’ screen will appear and you must touch this box to register your bingo. Winnings will be credited directly into your account.
  • Sign out of your account and go to the cashier to collect your money.
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